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FSync synchronizes the contents of two directories. It's a command line utility for Win32 platforms (starting from Win95).

It's a very practical alternative to Windows folders synchronization. It's useful for desktop/laptop data synchronization, for smart and complete backups or any other folders synchronization needs, both local or network. It allows only a one-way synchronization but, thanks that, it's practical and safe.

Among it's most interesting features we'll find the UNICODE support and the opportunity to specify the disk name or serial number instead of the drive unit. This last feature is most usefull for synchronization on USB devices.

You can obtain main information on how the program works running it from the console prompt without parameters or reading the file fsync_xx.txt (included in the zip file).

version file source version changes
1.5 fsync_1_5.zip (165kb) 1.4 - display of deleted files count
- option for extended progression information
- disk name or serial number may be used instead of the drive letter
1.4 fsync_1_4.zip (162kb) 1.3 - files may be specified as source and destination
- destination exclusion option
- UNICODE support
- multipage help
- attributes checking disable option
1.3 fsync_1_3.zip (37kb) 1.2 - skip errors option
- daylight saving adjustment fix
1.2 fsync_1_2.zip (35kb) 1.1 - exclusion option
- can append to existent log file
- conservative mode (no delete)
1.1   1.0.1 - log system
1.0.1   1.0 - ignores NTFS/FAT differences in files date/time comparisons