I'm Vico Biscotti, IT consultant specialized in software development.

I deal mainly with solutions in general information management but I gained extensive experience in several others fields (automation, logistics, graphics, documents security, access control).

My work is characterized by continuity, method, multidisciplinary software engineering skills that are constantly updated, tireless attention to quality, focus on objectives, effective and consistent strategies.

Passion and experience allow me to deal with issues in the finer areas: documentation, object oriented architecture and implementation, data structures, protocols, configurability, maintainability, and testing.

The tools I use are mainly Microsoft, the early compilers until the latest .NET technology. This specialization allows me to have an excellent knowledge of instruments and to move easily even in environments with both innovation and long term technology paths. Of course I have confidence with other tools and technologies, for example in embedded.

If you are to undertake software projects or you need to profit from investments is important to remember that collaborating with a competent consultant — besides bringing knowledge and methodology tested in various environments — leads to a reduction of time and costs, to better project quality and reliability, and to drastic reduction of risks and approach mistakes.